The LADY JAZ Project

Rick Smith





An Urban Contemporary Gospel Funk Music Ministry

In June 2009, LADY JAZ was approached at a musical event by Guitarist, Rick Smith with a proposition to start a gospel band.  After prayer and consideration, LADY JAZ decided that this was an opportunity for her to sing with her own live musicians as opposed to singing to recorded tracks or borrowed musicians.

  But Rick Smith and LADY JAZ had something different in mind.  They didn't want the typical gospel group.  LADY JAZ had a heart's desire to be able to minister in her own unique way.  Using her gifts and talents while not letting go of her "cool" style, and mixing it with the "funk" of Rick Smith's guitar sound.   


There was not another group, that she knew of, that did GOSPEL FUNK.  Together, Rick & LADY JAZ set out to put together The LADY JAZ Project.  They sought after the funkiest Christian musicians and vocalists that they could get.   After trial and error, and many adjustments, they finally got it.  


With God's divine guidance and approval, The LADY JAZ Project has quickly become one of California's  favorite gospel group.  Performing songs of
joy, blessings, mercy and peace, The LADY JAZ Project, never fails to get the crowd jumpin', with hands clappin', fingers snappin', and feet dancin' beats.

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