B I O G R A P H Y 

Born in Kansas City, Missouri..raised in Northern California, Jasmine Bess, was 4 years old when her parents discovered that their daughter had a gift.  "Jasmine was an entertainer from a very young age...she loved being in the spotlight, singing, dancing and telling jokes.", says Pattie Nelson, Jasmine's Mother.


At the tender age of 9 years old, Jasmine started her  first singing group with a group of 4 other neighborhood girls, calling themselves The North Avenue Singers.   This group had but one song "Dancing In The Street"..and performed at family functions.  All through school, Jasmine remembers being  selected to lead songs in school chorus groups, coordinating musical events, entering and winning many local talent  contests.  Jasmine participated in all aspects of  entertainment before her adult life.

As a teen, she dabbled in some acting, and landed lead roles in the community's  acting group's production of Edgar Allen Poe's stage play  "THE BLACK CAT" the musical stageplay "JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR"


Jasmine knew, at an early age, that she wanted to make a difference with her own style of entertainment, but didn't quite know which field would be her niche.   At age 16, Jasmine signed with a local modeling agency where she was first taught stage presence.   While at the  same time, she took piano and guitar lessons.  Jasmine continued to sing and write songs throughout her teenage years. 

At 18, she started an all girl trio singing group called THE E.L.B.J.'s  (the initials of her Pastor, the late Eddie Lee Billy Jones).   This Acapella group appeared on many church musical programs.  

 At 19, Jasmine directed her church choir...starting only with 11 members, but quickly growing to over 50 voices.  The Choir (The Voices of Hope) performed at many local churches...but was mostly proud to perform regularly at Folsom Prison and Ione Boys Correctional Facility. 


Jasmine was 22 when she decided that she wanted to embark upon the broadcasting industry, so she attended National Broadcasting College in Sacramento, California, where she studied Radio and TV Broadcasting...later moving to Los Angeles to attend Columbia School of Broadcasting in Hollywood, California.   There she was an honor roll student and excelled in every aspect of her training.


She interned as a Production Assistant at a local Christian radio station, KFIA...and at KNBS, Jasmine was given her own show...The Quiet Storm with Jazzy B.   Later being hired to spin records at KRAK..and at local nightclubs and parties...Jazzy B, as she was known..did local Public Service Announcements and made promo guest appearances at community events.


During her period of radio announcing, news and weather reporting, and disc-jockeying.....she worked part-time in nightclubs spinning records.   She used  this, and every opportunity to show off her vocal skills.  On Saturday nights, she would grab the microphone and pleasantly surprise the crowd with her sultry, soulful voice.   She was later contracted by another local club to sing on Sunday nights.

Throughout the years, Jasmine sang at various events, and a myriad of venues.  From weddings, funerals, sports events, political banquets, and anywhere she could be heard.

Jasmine was asked to assist with the development and vocal training of a large local church choir.  With her direction, energy and skill, this choir grew to appreciate music, and have become one of Sacramento's most talented choir.  Jasmine has also sang with James Jackson, and The Voices Of Sacramento, another of Sacramento's most talented choir. 


Shortly after, Jasmine became LADY JAZ....taking her gifts and talents  to another level.  After spending countless hours in the recording studio, LADY JAZ decided that she wanted to organize a band.    In 2009, she and Rick Smith started The LADY JAZ Project...having only 2 guitar players.  After a  short  while, the band grew to consist of a drummer, bass player, rhythm/lead guitar, keyboard, saxophone, percussion and 3 background vocalists.


The LADY JAZ Project, is now a popular Urban Contemporary Gospel Funk Group, and has performed at many functions, including...The Black Expo, CalExpo State Fair, The NAACP's Sweet Potato Festival, Jamming with ConFunkShun, Defermery Park's 100 Birthday Party, Ced's SportsBar & Grill, Jazzyblues Cafe, and many more....


LadyJaz has recorded "hooks" on several Artist's projects, including Alex "Gods'Child" Johnson, Raymond Coats, and more.

LADY JAZ is called upon to Host/MC many functions and events.   She is an amazing, inspiring, vibrant, motivational speaker with a sense of humor that her audiences enjoy.

In 2014, LadyJaz launched her own radio station, calling it KLJN (which stands for LadyJaz Network).  KLJN won Northern California's BEST INTERNET RADIO STATION for 2015.   LadyJaz herself was also nominated BEST RADIO PERSONALITY. 

LADY JAZ speaks with such candor, honesty and transparency.   With over 100,000 social media followers, LadyJaz has proven that she can gain the attention of listeners and viewers.

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Email: LadyJazLive@gmail.com


 "Hello..I want to personally thank you for taking a moment to visit  my website.  I'm excited about what God is doing with me and for me.


I humbly submit  to His will and direction.  Acknowledging Him in everything I do.


I hope you enjoy your visit here, and pray that you are enlightened.


I appreciate all of you.  It is for YOU, through God's spirit, and by His power, that I do what I do."




The Entertainer