"Hey y'all, it's ya girl, ya friend, ya sista, ya cousin, ya auntie LADY JAZ.  Thank you for taking the time to visit this wonderful site presented by PERLE Entertainment and Media Group.   I'm grateful to your for your love, prayers and support.   But most of all I thank GOD for who He is in my life, and that's He's mindful of me even when I fall short.  Enjoy your visit here."


Radio Talk Show Host and Singer, LADY JAZ, was dubbed the "The Queen of Gospel Funk" by a local Gospel radio station DJ.

LADY JAZ  is an amazingly talented and gifted entertainer from Northern California. 

Her voice is described as unique with a smooth, sultry raspiness that we have loved for many years.

Some agree that the funky style and cool stage presence demonstrated by LADY JAZ  has been compared to that of the incomparable Chaka Khan...Others  say LADY JAZ has a unique style all her own. 


LADY JAZ is powerfully expressive, creative, and energetic.  The way she moves around on stage, dancing and singing is quite a treat to behold.  LADY JAZ  is not only beautifully and gracefully funky, but she performs with such class and style

LADY JAZ has also worked in Television and Radio Broadcasting for over 30 years and has hosted several talk shows including:

The Quiet Storm (KNBS)

Morning Mellow with Jazzy B (KCSB)

Real Talk With LADY JAZ (PWN)

Straight Up! (BTR) 




LADY JAZ also works as part-time host with JesusTV in Sacramento, CA.

PERLE Entertainment / PERLE Media Group

 "I'm only doing what God has designed and assigned me to do.  I want to give people a message of love, joy, peace and faith.  I want to remind God's people that we've cried long enough, it's time to dance and rejoice I'm having fun, enjoying the funk, and knowing that my relationship with my Heavenly Father is right and tight."  (LADY JAZ)

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